Safety Bitt ORIGINAL (SZ-500)
SAFETY BITT is for all types of vessels which use tug boats.
SAFETY BITT makes it possible for one man to both connect and disconnect a tug as long as it is a tugs line, which is the situation in most of the well-established towing companies today. Furthermore, the operation will be done in less time without anyone touching the tug line, hence making it safer.
During bad weather when a vessel for any reason needs assistance, a most difficult and sometimes impossible task is to get a towline onboard and secure it to the vessel.
SAFETY BITT allows for a much easier connection under these extreme conditions, due to as earlier mentioned, no one has to touch the tug line upon connection or disconnection.
Type Approved Product MBL 500 tonnes SWL 250 tonnes. Safety Bitt is world wide patented.
Shuttle tanker Nordic Sarita124.500 DWT
Car Carrier Don Quijote 22.615 Dwt
SAFETY BITT is a system for connecting and disconnecting tugboats onboard mercant vesels. The system can be installed on all types of vessels and the main purpes whith the system is to help the crew and owner to reduce the risks and difficulties during the operation.
Train ferry Lybeck Link 10.000 DWT