Elisabeth Knutsen escorted by the Red Companies (Röda Bolaget) tractor tug "Boss" at Scanraff oil terminal in Brofjorden.
Pictures: Jan Brügge
SP 500 and SP 200 are for all types of tankers over 20 000 Dwt. There the ship´s owner is implementing, OCIMF´s

Recommendations for ships fittings for use with tugs with particular reference to escorting and other high load operations." 1. edition 2002.

SP 500 and SP 200 are the first strong point in the world which are specially designed for escort towing and at the same time COMPLY with OCIMF'S recommendations.
SP 500 and SP 200 is based upon the same successful design idea as the safety bitt SZ 500 which has been on the market for over 10 years with many satisfied customers all around the world who are operating all types of vessels.
Type Approved Product MBL 500 tonnes SWL 250 tonnes. SP-500 is world wide patented.