Escort Towing Lead (Combi Lead 400)
Combi Lead 400 is specially designed for escort towing, emergency towing, harbor towing and for mooring with maximum function without any compromises.
Combi Lead 400 is designed for escorting, pullback and other high load operations systems according to OCIMF recommendations.
Product Information
Combi Lead 400 is a fairlead for emergency towing in accordance with IMO emergency towing requirements and complies with OCIMF recommendations for ships fittings for use with tugs.
Combi Lead 400 has a unique design which has made it possible to reduce the weight from 650 kg to 410 kg and still has MBL 400 tonnes and SWL 200 tonnes.
Dimension: 1030 X450X700 mm
Type Approved Product MBL 400 tonnes and SWL 200 tonnes.
MBL: 400 T
Weight: 410 Kg
Material: SS 1306 or equal
SWL: 200 T